Equipment Management Solutions

Your Cat® equipment is built for performance, efficiency and productivity. With Cat Equipment Management Solutions we can help to maximise this built-in value – by providing the level of support your business needs from specialist technicians and facilities.

6 Great Reasons To Choose A Cat Equipment Management Solution

  • Increased uptime
  • Greater productivity
  • Increased revenue per machine
  • Quality work from technicians trained by Caterpillar
  • Higher machine resale value
  • More time to focus on your business

Condition Monitoring
The Condition Monitoring services combine advanced Cat remote monitoring systems to gather information and report on the health of your machines. Based on this information, Massy Cat provides analysis and recommended actions, helping your team stay ahead of potential problems and maintain your equipment in the best possible condition. This will enable you to optimise your overall owning and operating costs throughout the life of the equipment. This service is made up of the following components:

  • Electronic Data
    Product Link™ Hardware and VisionLink® Software, with their new intuitive interface, uses satellite and cellular networks to give you instant access to data from your whole fleet, or to zoom in for a detailed look at individual assets. Valuable asset tracking and security monitoring tools let you monitor information, including fuel usage, idle vs. work time, maintenance status and asset movements. Day by day, hour by hour, statistics can be compared across the fleet.
  • Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·S ℠)
    S·O·S Services involve an analysis of machine fluids in Caterpillar’s dedicated laboratories. By checking the results against Cat wear tables, potential problems can be identified and corrective action taken. We monitor your oil to evaluate the condition of your machine components, not just the condition of your oil. This information can also be used to identify longer term trends. Some of the analysis done are:

WEAR RATE ANALYSIS – Detects the amount and type of wear metal elements present. When samples are taken at regular intervals, these elements can be trended to often spot the onset of a progression towards failure. When classic wear element combinations are observed the source of rapid wear can often be determined. It monitors elements such as silicon that indicate dirt entry into the system and certain additive levels in the oil.

OIL CLEANLINESS ANALYSIS – 70% of hydraulic system failures are caused by some form of contaminant. Particle count analysis is used to detect metallic and non-metallic impurities in oil such as friction disc material or contamination that are otherwise undetectable. Combined with wear rate analysis this provides a more comprehensive evaluation of hydraulic and power train component health.

OIL CONDITION ANALYSIS – Determines lubrication properties of your oil. Infrared analysis is used to test for soot, sulphation, oxidation and nitration, determines the extent of oil deterioration and if your oil is performing to spec.

DETECTION OF FUEL, WATER & GLYCOL – Fluid contaminants can degrade oil performance rapidly and are often signs of problems elsewhere that could require immediate attention.

VISCOSITY – Is a measure of your oil’s lubricity, or its ability to lubricate your machine’s internal moving parts.

TAN (Total Acid Number)
Is a measure of the build-up of acidic by-products in your oil which can lead to corrosion and premature wear of internal metallic components

TBN (Total Base Number)
Is a measure of your oil’s alkalinity reserve and its ability to neutralize acidic contaminants and prevent corrosion

Both TAN and TBN numbers can help to indicate when your oil should be changed

Customer Value Agreements

Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVA) are the most effective way of running your machine at peak performance and eliminating the cost, disruption and loss of revenue caused by unscheduled downtime. With a Cat Customer Value Agreement, service, maintenance and repairs are performed by highly skilled, Cat trained professionals familiar with all aspects of Cat equipment. They are highly mobile and equipped with a wide range of exclusive Cat tools, software and technology. The aim is to lower your operating costs and improve reliability – giving you more time to concentrate on driving your business forward.

Massy Cat’s Customer Value Agreements are tailored to fit your situation. Perhaps the most important feature of any CVA is flexibility. In every case and with every machine, a CVA is an individualized plan.

There will be no more waiting or having service delays. With a CVA, Massy Cat’s PM Technicians will monitor your equipment’s performance and report on any potential issues. His role is to complement the role of your technician. Massy Cat’s technicians are experts in doing preventive work on Cat equipment.

Your agreement may include as few or as many machines as you wish. Massy Cat will work with you to determine the best strategies to maximize your machine’s productivity and minimize your costs.
CVAs are for everyone
Customer Value Agreements are not just for large machines. The need to work efficiently and lower operating costs is the same regardless of a machine’s size, age or its application. That’s why CVAs are available for existing fleets and used equipment. Even Certified Used machines can be covered.

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Field / Workshop Repairs

Massy Cat appreciates that your major business expense is the hourly cost of operating your machines. So when there is downtime, scheduled maintenance or some unforeseen technical problem, you can be assured one of our Field Service Reps will be at your site fast.

Our Field Service Dept. operate a fleet of vehicles packed with state of the art equipment and the latest diagnostic tooling. The custom designed service vehicles carry specs for Cat® machines operating in our region, including genuine parts list, service manuals and machine updates. But most importantly, they deliver a Massy Cat technician with a wealth of experience and expertise and intimate knowledge of Cat machinery.

Our Field Service technicians are all fully qualified mechanics and have undertaken further complementary training ensuring you receive the level of support when you need it and where you need it to keep your machine working.

Massy Cat is strategically located in Chaguanas and includes Workshops (Engine, Customer Machine Repairs, Undercarriage, Rentals & Power Systems) spanning 44,000 sq. ft.Our workshops are fully equipped with all of the facilities to provide product support for all Cat equipment. Some of our capabilities include:

  1. Specialized test benches
  2. Specialized tools
  3. Electronically controlled dynamometer
  4. Load testing of generators

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Repair Options

Cat® customers are the machines that make our modern world work. If you stop running, everybody feels it. So, we do whatever it takes to keep you and your business in optimal condition. We want to help you find the best ways to extend the life of your existing fleets while at the same time reducing your cost of ownership. Choosing the best repair option in each situation can be vitally important to helping you get more life out of your equipment investment.

Through our Repair Options program, Massy Cat will walk you through a series of questions about your equipment – length of ownership, utilization, affordability and turnaround time. From there, we’ll help you figure out what your options are, and which one is the best fit for your situation.

Repair Options Levels

  • Minor Overhaul: Includes bearings, seals, gaskets and normal one-life “wear” parts. Assumes all multiple-life parts meet Caterpillar reuse guidelines. Excludes external parts such as injectors, turbos, exhaust, electrical, electronics and accessories.

  • Major Overhaul: Includes all Level 1 parts. Reconditions or replaces other critical parts that don’t meet Caterpillar reuse guidelines. Customers can specify additional parts or accessories.

  • Reman: Complete Component Exchange with Cat Reman factory remanufactured component. Core charge refund based on condition of core. Offers same warranty and durability as a new component.

  • New: Complete Component Replacement with factory new Cat component. No core required.

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Standard Warranty

When you buy a Cat® machine from Massy Cat, it comes with industry-leading warranties and world-class support. From the moment you take delivery of your new Cat equipment our standard warranty comes into effect – Standard 12 months warranty on manufacturer’s defect*. You also receive warranty on all genuine Cat parts. Contact Massy Cat for more warranty information today.

*Wear parts, such as tyres and filters do not come under the standard warranty

Equipment Protection Plans (EPP)

You count on your Cat® machines to get the job done, day in and day out. Choose a protection plan that’s just as dependable and long-lasting. EPP offers the only coverage designed specifically for new Cat equipment—giving you the highest level of repair cost protection available. Our comprehensive EPP options protect your investment and your peace of mind. Giving you the financial tools you need to succeed—that’s what we’re built to deliver.


  • Protect your equipment investment beyond the standard warranty

  • Make sure repairs are done right the first time with factory-trained technicians using genuine Cat parts

  • Plan with confidence because you can better predict service and maintenance costs

  • Increase your machine’s resale value with transferable coverage


  • Powertrain: Coverage for components that produce, transmit or control engine horsepower

  • Powertrain + Hydraulics: Coverage for powertrain + components associated

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One of the major ways in which we add value to our customers is in the training our technicians receive. This benefits our customers by our ability to respond efficiently to any situation that may arise on a unit at the customer’s site.

Our training centre at our facility allows us to conduct training in-house for both Massy Cat’s personnel and our customers. The training centre is fully equipped with all the tools necessary to conduct training. Our trainers are fully qualified with Cat® Certified Training obtained at Caterpillar’s Headquarters. Training includes both mechanical and electrical disciplines in Caterpillar systems from Engines to Heavy Equipment.

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